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Premium Multi-Spark L08ZS Spark Plug

BRISK RACING L08ZS Multi-Spark Plug 14mm thread, 3/4"(19mm) reach, 13/16" (21mm) hex, gasket seat, projected tip, resistor, 3 spark design, Silver center el., 2 ring shape Titanium Oxide compound auxiliary electrodes

Popular applications: Professional Go Karts racing, TM K 10 - L10ZS JICA- L10ZS KT100-L10ZS Gazzelle-L10ZS ATV's


  • Multi Spark-Plugs Increase Engine Power!

  • More Horse Power, Torque, Faster Acceleration and Response

  • Maximum Spark Exposure - Better use of Available Energy

  • Race Engines with Precise Air/Fuel Management

  • Mild Supercharged / Turbocharged / Nitrous Engines

  • All Late Model Vehicles - Better Gas Mileage

  • Silver Center Electrode

  • ZC/ZS Patented Auxillary Electrodes Technology

    • 3 Simultaneous Sparks per 1 Ignition Impulse

    • Sparks in Full 360 degree at Point of Richest Mixture

  • TXS - 2 Simultaneous sparks per 1 ignition impulse

    • 1 Special Auxillary Electrode and 3 Ground Electrodes 


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