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Brisk Premium LGS Racing AOR10LGS Spark Plug

AOR10LGS Racing Spark Plugs Brisk Competition Ignition

Brisk SKU  -  AOR10LGS

Brisk MPN  -  1513

Heat Rating  -  10

The AOR10LGS racing spark plugs is a very cold, specialist spark plug found in highly tuned, high revving engines like motorbikes or turbocharged engines.

Brisk Premium Racing Spark Plug AOR10LGS has a unique 360 degree earth electrode design and a silver core giving an outstanding performance in igniting over reach mixture associated with tuned performance engines. 

As the arcing occurs around the 360 degrees and is not mixture dependant a bigger gap is used at lower voltage levels thus increasing greatly an ignition surface area.

Silver metal is the single best material for a spark plugs core electrode, as it can dissipate heat fast, resulting in overall lower spark plug temperature and more powerful spark. The stronger the spark the faster and better the flame front, couple this to the multi earth electrode design and the dependants on a homogeneous mixture needed to be found around specific point, as it is the case on single earth, hook electrode. is not required. 

Our GS range works well with most aftermarket and OEM ignition systems form simple coil and distributor through electronic ignition and powerful direct ignition systems found on modern port and direct injection performance engines.

Projection Seal Design Resistor Thread Hexagon Reach
Yes Washer GS Yes 10mm 16mm 19mm





  • Discharge at richest mixture point around 360 degree perimeter.

  • Patented firing tip design, no indexing or gaping required.

  • Silver centre electrode, best thermal (heat) & electrical conductor.

  • Lower voltage requirement.


  • Tuned cars.

  • Unleaded fuel cars.

  • Racing engines.

  • Alternative fuel cars.

Service Life

  • 30 000 km or 18 000 miles.

  • 50 hours racing.


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