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Brisk Racing Spark Plugs for Go-Kart

BRISK Premium Silver Racing spark plugs have been developed and tested in collaboration with JOKA, which is a representative of TM Racing in the Czech Republic. The plug design meets the most extreme requirements for two-cycle kart engines, and the plugs are also suitable for two-cycle motocross engines (the plugs are used by LR Cosmetic team).

L10S spark plug is the holder of both European and World Go-kart Champion in 2005.

Brisk Racing Spark Plug Go-Kart Application:

  TM K 9,K 9 B,K 8,KV * L10S (L11S) 0.6
  TM K 10 * L10ZS (LR08ZS)  
  TM K 11,K 11 B * L10S 0.6
  TM K 12 L10S 0.6
  VORTEX ROK 125 L10S 0.6
IAME ICA JUN 100 ccm DOR10IR 0.8
  F.A. 100 ccm DOR10IR 0.8
YAMAHA KT 100 L10S (L11S) 0.6
  YZ 125 L10S 0.6

* the application tested in collaboration with JOKA KART TEAM

Erik Janis has gained the title of 2005 ICC 125 European Champion with the Brisk Silver Racing L10S spark plug
Nicholas Risitano has gained the title of 2003 ICA/J European Champion with the Brisk Multispark L10ZS spark plug

Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug for Go-Kart Applications:

  • ICC- L10S
  • ICA- L10S
  • JICA- L10ZS
  • KT100-L10ZS
  • Gazzelle-L10ZS
  • Comer - stock heat range NR14S
  • Comer - "trick" plug (projected tip) NR12YC
  • Comer - cold heat range N11S (replace NGK B9HVX spark plug)
  • Comer - very cold heat range N10S (replace NGK B10HVX spark plug)

Brisk Premium Racing Spark Plug L10ZS is helping to break records in JICA

BRDC Stars Of Tomorrow Championship:
Round 4 - Larkhall 12/06/05
In timed qualifying for the 4th round of the Stars of Tomorrow JICA championship, Zip Young Gun Oliver Rowland on his way to pole position, totally obliterated the lap record by nearly 8/10ths of a second! The Top Kart driver tore round the beautiful Scottish track in a record 37.5 secs. The previous record had stood for nearly three years.